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Inside It Actually IS Rocket Science: An Astronaut Reject's Guide to Becoming Your True Self, you’ll:

🔥 Learn the 3 key strategies to own your awesomeness and live life on fire

🔥 Connect with the rockstar woman inside you

🔥 Be inspired by the rockstar women around you

🔥 Give yourself permission to live the EPIC LIFE you were born to live
Weaving together basic principles of rocket science, inspirational stories of completing marathons on all seven continents, and the journey of recovering from shattered dreams and discovering my own powerful purpose, I'll take you on a visual tour around the world while reconnecting you with your innate wisdom, creativity, and awesomeness.

Through personal reflection and interaction with others, you'll celebrate the power of who you are and ignite your passion for the life you live.
Come prepared to have fun. Walk away with:

🔥 A new perspective

🔥 A vision of success that's achievable today AND inspiring for the future

🔥 A concrete action step that moves you forward

🔥 Permission to live your own EPIC LIFE!

If you want help taking it deeper, at the end I'll share exciting new opportunities to connect and receive support on your journey.
Bring your enthusiasm and curiosity, something to write with, something to write on, water and snacks (or whatever sustains you during Zoom sessions 😉), and a clean, UNUSED square of toilet paper!

Intrigued yet?

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"The insight, the direction, and the absolute clarity on what I'm here to share with the world has never been more obvious, bright, and enlivening for me.


If you're on the fence about working with Melissa, take this as your sign and just do it. It is so worth it."

~ Dana Hayes, Business Coach for Soul-led Entrepreneurs

(Hear the full testimonial in her video!)


"My energy had been blocked — and, I was feeling pressure to accept amazing opportunities I simply did not want. With Melissa, I had an epiphany — a realization that my life was indeed my own. Melissa's consult saved me 10 years at a powerful and influential job I did not want, but almost accepted.

I've begun to stop hiding my gifts and I'm allowing myself to take up the space I deserve; and frankly, the response from the world is amazing. People are drawn to me, with relationships and opportunities flowing in. I feel unblocked and able to be my unapologetic and loving self. Life isn't about goals — life is really just an experience and a journey that deserves to be valued."

~ A very grateful and highly successful client


"So often in the past I have felt stuck. I simply didn't know how to break out of the patterns I found myself in. This is a different kind of support than I've received anywhere else, and it's exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Instead of fighting to swim across a rushing river, working with Melissa felt like leapfrogging from step to step. I felt supported, I made forward progress, and it wasn't that hard. I see and understand my past patterns with more compassion, and I'm grounded in newfound hope for my future."

~ Ingrid Czintos, Massage Therapist


"Without a doubt employing a coach is challenging work, but Melissa's energy and enthusiasm fuel every session. She keeps the work interesting, sourcing the Universe and harnessing real-life situations to build an integrated strategy. I had never worked with a coach before and I can't imagine achieving a fraction of the results I did without Melissa's guidance and support."

~ Physics PhD - Team Leader - Program Manager


Dr. Melissa Corley Carter, The Barefoot Dancing Rocket Scientist, is an actual rocket scientist, 7 continents marathoner, astronaut reject, speaker, award-winning author, and certified professional coach who helps rockstar women own their awesomeness.


Before becoming a coach, Melissa spent twenty years aspiring to become an astronaut. She earned two engineering degrees from Stanford University, was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, and earned a PhD in astronautical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School. Despite perfect vision after corrective eye surgery, her pre-surgical eyesight disqualified her and shattered her astronaut dream.

In the years since, she’s realized that her astronaut dream emerged from an intuitive knowing of her spiritual connection with the universe, from a desire to inspire people to greatness the way astronauts had always inspired her, and from the vision of a unified and harmonious world.


Melissa’s journey has taught her that identity and goals are not synonymous, that even major disappointments hold gifts beyond imagining, and that every experience invites us to take a small step — or a giant leap — into greater alignment with who we really are.

Melissa is the author and photographer of the award-winning 2021 coffee table book, Running the World: Marathon Memoirs from the Seven Continents. In her book she shares her outer journey across the continents and her inner journey of recovering from shattered dreams and realigning her life with powerful purpose.


Melissa is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, where she serves as an executive coach, strategic advisor, and leadership development facilitator. Prior to joining the reserve, her active duty assignments included laser test engineering, adaptive optics research and development, satellite acquisitions and operations, and aide-de-camp and executive officer to senior leaders.

An inspirational force of nature, Melissa is here to celebrate the power of who you are and to fire you up with passion for the life you live.

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Let today be the day you gift that light to the world.
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