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The Art of Saying NO

For high achievers ready to create an even more powerful and purposeful life

Free Interactive Workshop

January 25, 12-1pm EST

You're a high achiever. You've had a pretty amazing life already.

And you're ready for more. You have a desire burning inside that's calling you to say HELL YES, but you're not sure where to start. 

​If you hear the call of your HELL YES but you feel a bit stuck, chances are there's something you need to say NO to.

You might even know what it is. Maybe it's a mindset that's tripping you up. A commitment you made in a different time when you were a different person. Something that used to excite you but now feels like an obligation. A relationship you've outgrown. A story you're telling that no longer serves you. A long list of everyday distractions.

But saying NO feels like a bridge too far.


You might be asking yourself:


  • What if it doesn’t work out?

  • What if I hurt someone's feelings?

  • What if I close the door to an awesome opportunity?

  • How do I trust myself?

  • Who will I be if I let go of my old identity?

  • Can I really do this?

You can do this. And deep inside, you already know that.

I've been where you are.


In fifth grade I decided I wanted to be an astronaut, and for 20 years I never looked back. When eyesight shattered my dream 10 years ago, I found myself adrift. Outwardly I was still on the fast track in my Air Force engineering career. I worked for some high-powered and inspiring women. I could have followed in their footsteps, but I realized I wanted to inspire people in a different way — and with a lot more life balance.


When I came to a major decision point, I leaped into the unknown and left my active duty military career.  At the time I didn't know what my life purpose was, but I knew it was bigger than what I was doing.

It took saying NO to the life that was expected of me to create the even more incredible life I was really meant to live.

Saying NO isn't about eliminating the thing you're saying NO to. It's about liberating your HELL YES.

Melissa Corley Carter.jpg
Join me for a free interactive workshop that will activate your focus, enthusiasm, and faith in your wildest dreams.
Here's what we'll do together inside The Art of Saying NO:
  • Connect with your HELL YES
  • Identify the key distraction you're facing (it might surprise you!)
  • Learn how to bridge the gap between you and your HELL YES

You'll get the most out of this workshop experience if you attend live. Come prepared to have fun and engage with your fellow humans creating their own powerful and purposeful lives!

Replay will be available for 10 days to registered participants. You'll still receive mega benefits from the experience!

Ready to deliberately create the next phase of your life?

Meet Dr. Melissa Corley Carter,

The Barefoot Dancing Rocket Scientist


Melissa helps high achievers in transition deliberately create the next phase of their lives.

When her 20-year dream to become an astronaut was shattered, Melissa continued on the fast track of an Air Force career that looked like traditional success. But internally, she was adrift.

In the years since, she's learned new ways of being. She's realigned her life with her passions for creativity, human connection, leadership, mindful living, and building resilience.

In 2021 she published a coffee table book, Running the World: Marathon Memoirs from the Seven Continents. (Inside, find guidance and philosophy for running your world.) Through her photographs, stories, and inspirational reflection, she shares her outer journey of completing marathons on all seven continents and her inner journey of creating an even more powerful and purposeful life. 

Melissa's journey has taught her that identity and goals are not synonymous, that even major disappointments hold gifts beyond imagining, and that every experience leads us closer to our purpose on this earth.

An actual rocket scientist turned life purpose coach, author, and resilience champion, Melissa has integrated all of her life experience into her core philosophy that resilience actually IS rocket science — and you can rock it! She'll help you let go to lift off, acknowledge your progress and adjust course, and go from where you are to where you want to be.

The Art of Saying NO

For high achievers ready to create an even more powerful and purposeful life

Free Interactive Workshop on January 25, 12-1pm EST

Congratulations on taking this step forward! You'll receive the workshop link in your email. See you there!

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