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Put the control of your wellbeing and the fulfillment of your destiny back into your own hands.

Is this you?


If you resonate with the statements above, you’re probably a global change agent and a cultural creative. You understand that we are standing on the edge of a creative revolution for humanity, and you are ready to do your part as a leader.

Knowing how to use Quantum Human Design™ is a powerful skill for any service-based professional, whether you’re already a coach, a healer, or even a corporate leader. Over the last 20 years, Karen Curry Parker has trained more than 1,000 Specialists with a wide variety of professional backgrounds including physicians, corporate trainers, social workers, coaches, and educators.

Many students have added Human Design to their psychology practices, to their human resources team, to their medical practice, to their schools, and to their coaching practices. Even C-suite executives learn Quantum Human Design™ to help them land big sales contracts. (One of Karen’s QHD students used his Human Design training to create more than a million dollars in funding for a proprietary product he  patented and turned into a multi-million dollar business.)

The “New Smart”

The world is changing at a rapid pace.

The skills we need to stay “competitive” in the world aren’t going to be the same kinds of skill sets many of us were trained in. In fact, your skill set and training might actually work against you in some ways.

The people who are really going to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow are those who have skills beyond math and science. The leaders of the world will be those who can sit down and collaborate with their fellow employees, those who can be creative and not just reactive.

The world is demanding that we know HOW to create. Creativity isn’t about what we know. It’s about knowing who we are and knowing how to stay connected with the truth of who we are so that we are resilient and can bend and grow with change.

The evolving world will demand that you are not limited by what you know or think is possible. It will demand that you
as the creator of the future
know who you are and what’s necessary for you to explore expanding possibilities in an unlimited way.

We need people
adults and children who are allowed and supported in developing their capacity and who have their own inner compass so that they can live the life that they feel the most called to live. Because any other kind of life pales in comparison.

As a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, you are a guide, a teacher, and a leader in helping people cultivate the “New Smart."

Introducing the Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System™

by Karen Curry Parker

It is important to Karen, as a teacher and a trainer, not only to offer you a scientifically demonstrated way to
accelerate your learning, but also to give you a proven system and support to help you with your Quantum Human Design™ business.


The Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System™ incorporates modern technology, online learning, and community-based support to help you master Quantum Human Design™ and how to use Quantum Human Design™ as a coaching and healing tool.


This is a self-paced online course of study that you can complete at your own speed from the comfort of your home, blended with live weekly support, live and virtual community, and an annual conference where you can meet other Quantum Human Design™ Specialists and become part of a global team of people working to make the world a better place.

In addition, Karen offers an online portal to your personal Quantum Human Design™ practice that makes it easy for new clients to find you, gives you an opportunity to teach for her, and gives you access to her growing database of over 75,000 people to promote your business. She also gives you space to (if you choose) just do the work you’re called to do, without ever having to market or set up a business.

Of course, if you have your own practice or you want to grow your own business, Karen has the tools, resources, and support available to help you get started quickly and efficiently.


It is Karen’s personal mission to help you master your new skills and to help you create business success in the way that’s right for you.


When you can create success in your own business, you not only sustain yourself, you are also able to help more people and impact the world more effectively.

I look forward to helping you help others and make the world a better place!

How It Works

There are four levels of Quantum Human Design™ Professional Training. You may become certified at each level, meaning you can begin using Quantum Human Design™ in your business as soon as you complete Level 1. That means that you can begin earning money using Quantum Human Design™ while you continue to study and grow your knowledge.

Each level of training has a series of short instructional videos, written materials, weekly online live support forums, and an online community group where you can access support and make friends with your fellow global change agents.

Once you complete each level, you simply fulfill the certification requirements for that level and you will then be automatically enrolled in the Quantum Alignment System Professional Association (QASPA) Membership for a year, with the option to renew your membership each year after that. As a QASPA member, you'll receive a wide range of benefits to help you get started sharing Quantum Human Design™ with the world!

The Human Design for Everyone Training System™ will help you build a strong foundation for your coaching practice, deepen your business mastery, improve your coaching skills, join a world-changing tribe, and most importantly, will give you the skills to help people navigate life with grace, resiliency, and alignment with their Authentic Self.

The knowledge you gain will help you help others to create better health and wellness, achieve higher states of vitality, find more meaning in life, have deeper and more fulfilling relationships, discover a deeper spiritual connection, create the lifestyle that supports and nourishes them, and ultimately, help them unlock their natural creative powers so that they can create a life that sustains them, no matter what is happening in the world.


And you get to reap all of those benefits too!

I look forward to personally welcoming you into our community and watching you grow in your mastery and abundance!

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Quantum Human Design™ © Karen Curry Parker. All Rights Reserved.

As a Quantum Alignment System affiliate, I may receive compensation for referrals made through the links on this page.

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