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Want to inspire your groups, teams, or organizations to dream big, set aligned goals, and go from status quo to extraordinary? You'll love my signature interactive experience:

"Running Your World:
3 Strategies to Dream Bigger and Live an Epic Life"

Through inspirational stories, personal reflection, and connecting with others, you'll walk away with a new perspective, a concrete action step that moves you forward, and permission to live your most epic life!
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Signature interactive experience incorporates stories and photos from the award-winning coffee table book, Running the World: Marathon Memoirs from the Seven Continents
If you're looking for a podcast guest or summit speaker, I also love being interviewed on the topics of Energy Leadership™, Quantum Human Design™, what I learned from running marathons on all seven continents, and the rocket science behind your own epic life.

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Close-Up Television Interview with Jim Masters: "Close-Up Television Welcomes Melissa Corley Carter, PhD"


Aired May 6, 2022

In this conversation we ranged from early life goals and experiences to shattered dreams, awakening to a higher purpose, Quantum Human Design™, life as a twin, the creative process behind Running the World, asking for and receiving inspiration, the inner work I do with clients, what clients really want, how you can best serve humanity, what your life purpose is, and how we can all work together to shine our light and change the world.

Watch the full interview or check out a few short clips from the playlist below.

Watch Here


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Personal Development Mastery Podcast Interview with Agi Keramidas"On Running As a Metaphor for Life..."


Aired April 18, 2022

Dr. Agi Keramidas is on a mission to inspire listeners to grow, stand out (not fit in), and take action toward the next level of their lives. Some topics we covered:

  • Life purpose and being at a crossroads

  • The inner journey of living a more authentic life

  • Running as a metaphor for life

  • Being in the flow of life and dancing with the mystery

  • Your life purpose is you

Listen Here



Running for Real Podcast Interview with Tina Muir"Vision is So Much Bigger than Eyesight"


Aired April 8, 2022

Tina Muir, former professional runner and elite marathoner, believes that running has the power to change the world. Her podcast conversations inspire and encourage runners (and non-runners) who know deep down that the world we want to create already exists, and that we all play a role in bringing it to life.

In our conversation we talked about big dreams, alignment, life purpose, the power of running to connect us to our bodies and the earth, and the bigger vision of what life is all about. Congrats to R4R for their recent Sports Podcast Award win!

Listen Here


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HEAL. Profoundly & Enduringly.

Podcast Interview with Laura Mazzotta: "Your Powerful Purpose"


Aired March 14, 2022

On the HEAL Profoundly & Enduringly podcast, Akashic Therapist and Reiki Master Laura Mazzotta brings forward those off-the-beaten-path ways for you to heal at your deepest level. Laura's mission is to guide curious humans into summoning their power, so they can thrive personally and professionally.

In our conversation we talked about the journey from trying to control our creations, to co-creating with Source, to completely surrendering to the flow and power of Source creating through us. With actionable tips for healing right now!

Watch Here



Integra Podcast Interview with Heather Fischer-Page:

"Dreaming Big: Shifting & Aligning with Your True Purpose"


Aired March 8, 2022

On the Integra podcast, Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Heather Fischer-Page talks all things wisdom, wellness, and woo. Right up my alley! Some things we cover:


  • My origin story and journey from rocket science to coaching

  • Parallel paths of running and life

  • The healing power of creativity

  • How to align with your own powerful purpose

Listen Here



New Year Centering


Aired December 27-31, 2021

Brief videos to help you center yourself and set intentions for the year ahead.


Day 1: Pause

Day 2: Year in Review

Day 3: Letting Go & Saying NO

Day 4: Your Hell YES

Day 5: Integration



Not Your Average Runner Podcast Interview with Jill Angie:

"Rocket Scientist Turned Odyssey Runner with Melissa Carter"


Aired September 23, 2021

Jill Angie, certified running and life coach, believes you can be a runner at any size, shape, or age. She teaches women how to start running, feel confident, and change their lives.

In this conversation we talk about Running the World, the marathon journey, the feelings that inspired me as I ran around the world, the background of my astronaut dream, how I incorporated Quantum Human Design into my work and my running, and above all, your real purpose on this earth.

Listen Here


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Close-Up Radio Interview with Doug Llewelyn:

"Part 2: Close-Up Radio Welcomes Back Coach Dr. Melissa Corley Carter"


Aired September 2, 2021

Hosts Doug Llewelyn and Jim Masters bring you the amazing stories of people who have answered the call to unlock their potential and have taken control of their own success with authenticity, creativity, persistence, and resilience. Guests share their knowledge and wisdom so you can lead the most empowered life possible.

In this conversation we focus on Running the World, what inspired the journey and the book, and what running can teach us about life.

Listen Here


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Runners Without Limits Podcast Interview with Heather Jergensen and Jen Sorenson:

"Running the World with Melissa Corley Carter"


Aired August 27, 2021

Runners Without Limits is a podcast for every runner. From novice to advanced, we have unlimited potential and we all belong in this tribe. Heather and Jen are a coach/athlete duo who talk about all things running during this weekly podcast. As “Adult-Onset” runners, these two friends provide support for one another and the running community through sharing their personal running victories and challenges.

Listen Here


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Close-Up Radio Interview with Jim Masters:

"Part 1: Close-Up Radio Spotlights Coach Dr. Melissa Corley Carter"


Aired August 26, 2021

Hosts Doug Llewelyn and Jim Masters bring you the amazing stories of people who have answered the call to unlock their potential and have taken control of their own success with authenticity, creativity, persistence, and resilience. Guests share their knowledge and wisdom so you can lead the most empowered life possible.

In this conversation we focus on the power of coaching to help you access your own inner power and create your most aligned, world-changing life.

Listen Here


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Marathon Training Academy Podcast Interview with Angie and Trevor Spencer:

"Running a Marathon is Not Rocket Science"


Aired August 23, 2021

The Marathon Training Academy Podcast inspires and empowers everyday people to live healthier lives and achieve fitness goals by unleashing their marathon potential.


The show features actionable training wisdom delivered in a funny and relatable style. Co-hosts Angie and Trevor want you to believe that you have what it takes to run a marathon and change your life! 

Listen Here


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The Quantum Alignment Show:

"Quantum Human Design™ and Your Path to Success—It Actually IS Rocket Science!"


Aired August 13, 2021

Think your “success” is tied to some future state or event? In this Quantum Alignment Show, Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and Quantum Alignment System™ Practitioner Dr. Melissa Corley Carter, will help you find evidence that what you seek is already here.


Go from feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, and reactive, to feeling inspired, powerful, fulfilled, and fired up.

Watch Here


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The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast Interview with Steven Sashen:

"Running IS Rocket Science"


Aired August 11, 2021

Some topics we cover:

  • How having grounded feet will lead to having a grounded soul

  • How running on 7 continents introduces you to a lot of different terrain 

  • Why running a marathon is about being part of something bigger than yourself

  • Why everything, particularly running, is absolutely rocket science


Listen on:

Apple Podcasts  Spotify  Stitcher  GooglePlay  YouTube

Interested in the amazing "feel the world" shoes Steven makes? Check out Xero Shoes!

Please note: As a Xero Shoes affiliate I may receive compensation for referring the Xero Shoes brand.



Part-Time Athletes Podcast Interview with BreOutside:

"Running with the Barefoot Dancing Rocket Scientist"


Aired June 22, 2021

Part-Time Athletes interviews everyday people about their fitness journeys. Listen to our conversation below or wherever you get your podcasts!


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Understanding Human Design Podcast Interview with Karen Curry Parker

Aired February 25, 2021

The Understanding Human Design podcast interviews certified Quantum Human Design Specialists about their life journeys. Learn about my path and why I believe resilience actually IS rocket science!

Watch Here on YouTube