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Grab your copy of the Prologue to my book, Running the World: Marathon Memoirs from the Seven Continents!


A journey from inauspicious running beginnings to completing a marathon on all seven continents. An integration of doing and being. An evolution of lifestyle and dreams. A celebration of life itself. All shared in a warm and conversational style.


If you're looking for the clarity, courage, and confidence to live your own epic life, this is for you!

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Running the World Summary:

See the world through the eyes of runner, dreamer, and hardworking free spirit Melissa Corley Carter in this stunning book of photography and inspirational reflection. As she runs marathons on each of the seven continents, she embarks on journeys of physical and personal discovery, finding new elements to the beauty of life and what makes it all worthwhile.

This book will take you on a visual tour around the world while sharing guidance and philosophy for running your world.
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