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I Am Not a Business Coach

I am not a business coach.

I’ve certainly learned a lot about business in my journey as an entrepreneur. I’ve also learned – sometimes the hard way – to listen to my intuition and the voice of my soul and to choose the path that feels right for me, whether or not it’s expected or been “proven to work.”

I LOVE coaching the mindsets, heartsets, and energetics behind your relationship with yourself and your relationship with your soul work. (You have soul work even if you’re not an entrepreneur!)

So when my friend James Wilson invited me to guest host a training in the Human Design Entrepreneurs Facebook group, at first I planned to talk about energy only. Specifically Energy Leadership™ and how I integrate it with Quantum Human Design™.

Lo and behold, an aligned way to talk about business and entrepreneurship emerged.


Because business is energy, of course! Business is a vehicle for your soul work.

It’s not the only one.

YOU are the primary vehicle. YOU are the channel bringing the gifts, messages, and heart of YOU into the world, however you choose to express that.

If you choose the entrepreneur journey, know that there’s no one right answer for everyone. There’s no one sure path to follow that will get you where you want to go. (There’s nowhere to “get” in the first place.)

What works for someone else will not necessarily work for you.

Instead, when you learn your own energetic blueprint, practice tuning in to your own intuition, and listen to the voice of your own soul, you can discern what existing business strategies and tactics resonate.

You can choose what to integrate and what to ignore.

You can also create your own soul-aligned strategies and tactics.

Your business journey is as unique as you are.

Your business evolution will parallel your personal evolution.

That training WAS about energy only.

⚡Because EVERYTHING is energy.⚡

Watch the training here!

Not an entrepreneur? No worries! You'll still get a lot out of the first 30 minutes, and may still enjoy the last 10!

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