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Synthesizing Two Energetic Systems

For years I've felt the synergy between the Quantum Human Design™ work of Karen Curry Parker and the Energy Leadership™ work of Bruce D. Schneider.

Quantum Human Design™ is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science. It’s a tool for understanding your unique energy blueprint, decision-making strategies, and highest potential. (Learn more in my blog post about QHD here.)

Energy Leadership™ is a practical, 7-level framework for shifting your energy and perspective in any moment or situation. It’s like having 7 pairs of glasses that you can look through, and you get to choose which pair to use to inform your next step. (Learn more in my blog post about EL here.)

Quantum Human Design™ illuminates high and low expressions of archetypal energies, and Energy Leadership™ further refines the spectrum in between.

In response to a friend's brilliant suggestion in July of 2022, I started sharing my synthesis of these systems. As the sun moved through each of the 64 Quantum Human Design™ gates over the course of a year, I shared my interpretation of each gate through the lens of Energy Leadership™.

Every few days, I steeped myself in the energy of the next gate and asked, "what does this gate feel like from each of the 7 levels?" Some flowed quickly and easily. Some took longer to develop. Some worked themselves out on morning walks through the woods or the neighborhood.

A magical creation experience emerged every time.

After completing the cycle, I reviewed and updated all the gates, and I continue to share them in alignment with the sun's journey. It's great fun and a recurring reminder of the power we have to shift our perspective and create beyond the limits of what we've ever thought possible.

While I won't share all 64 gates here, I'll share a few more, as well as my synthesis of how each of the five QHD Types moves through the world energetically.

As you read and feel your way through each example, notice what resonates. Here are some general reflection prompts as a starting point:

✨ What energies feel most familiar?

✨ What would you like to experience more of?

✨ If you want something in your life to change, what would be possible if you looked at it from a perspective 1-2 levels higher than you currently are?

Quantum Human Design™ Gates

😞 Level 1: I’m afraid no one will ever value what I have to offer the world. I don’t know how to express the truth of who I am in a way people can hear. 😡 Level 2: Society has taught me to wear many masks. I’ve worked so hard for so long to live by others’ expectations that no one sees who I really am, including me. 🙂 Level 3: I'm letting go of what society thinks I should be doing so I can focus on who I'm being. I'm not sure who I am or what my purpose is, but I'll find out.

🤗 Level 4: I reflect others' greatness back to them. I feel deeply fulfilled when I can help someone find their voice and express their authentic self. 😁 Level 5: The more I express my authentic self and fulfill my purpose in an aligned way, the more I'm seen and heard for who I am. My authenticity inspires others to discover their own. 😍 Level 6: I trust that I am the fulfillment of my life purpose. I express myself authentically and know I am always enough. 😇 Level 7: I AM Fulfillment.


😞 Level 1: I hold no one accountable. I feel guilty if I ask others to take responsibility for themselves. I'm burned out from taking care of everyone before myself. 😡 Level 2: I hold you accountable (and blame you when things don't go my way). I bend over backwards to take care of people and they don't appreciate me for it. 🙂 Level 3: I hold myself accountable. I take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I exercise my "no" muscle and nourish myself first. 🤗 Level 4: I help you hold yourself accountable to your goals. I nurture and care for others from a deep well of loving energy. 😁 Level 5: We all hold ourselves accountable together. I let go of control and allow others to experience the power and lessons of their choices. 😍 Level 6: Everyone is perfectly accountable for where they are on the unfolding of their journey. I trust in every soul's inherent worth and power. The love I radiate nourishes the world. 😇 Level 7: I AM Accountability.


😞 Level 1: I'm afraid to lead. What if I'm not qualified? What if I make a mistake? 😡 Level 2: I take leadership by force and impose my will on others. I resort to using fear and coercion to get what I want, because that's all people respond to. 🙂 Level 3: I work hard to be a good leader. I consciously focus on building my toolkit, character, and resources so I can lead well when called upon. 🤗 Level 4: My desire to help others fuels my leadership. People choose to follow me because of what I stand for and because I work to fulfill their needs. I am a servant leader. 😁 Level 5: I lead in partnership with the people who are inspired by what I offer. Through my leadership, they empower themselves to step into their own leadership. Together we create powerful impact in the world. 😍 Level 6: I lead with my being. My alignment with who I really am shows the way for others and calls them into alignment with who they really are. 😇 Level 7: I AM The Leader.


😞 Level 1: It's no use. Even if I could imagine a better future, I'd be powerless to create it. How can one person make a difference? 😡 Level 2: Imagination gets in the way of reality. It's a win-lose world full of conflict, and I have to fight to get what I want. 🙂 Level 3: I take responsibility for my mindset. I can choose to imagine a different world. I can change the story I tell about myself and my dreams. 🤗 Level 4: I'm here in this world to imagine and realize ways to make a difference and be of service. I guide others through powerful mindset shifts. 😁 Level 5: I see possibility and opportunity everywhere. The mindset I embody and share inspires others to take responsibility for shifting their own mindsets and creating their experience of reality. 😍 Level 6: My mind is infinite. I use the power of my imagination to nurture the seeds of inspiration I receive. The universe supports me in creating magic and miracles with ease and flow. 😇 Level 7: I AM Mindset.


😞 Level 1: Source has abandoned me. I don't feel supported and don't believe in my ability to be abundant. 😡 Level 2: I don’t trust Source to support me. I feel the need to be in control. I fight for my share (or more) of the world’s limited resources. 🙂 Level 3: I work hard to prove myself worthy of Source’s support. If my desires aren’t manifesting, I’ll figure out what I’m doing wrong and fix it. 🤗 Level 4: Source supports me in serving others powerfully. I have faith in their infinite potential and inherent value. 😁 Level 5: Source is my co-creator. I see every experience as an opportunity to take giant leaps of faith, trust my enoughness, and inspire others to expand their own faith in themselves, Source, and universal abundance. 😍 Level 6: Source creates through me. Faith fuels my infinite creative power. I am always guided to the people, experiences, and resources that support the full expression of my highest potential and greatest impact. 😇 Level 7: I AM Faith.


Quantum Human Design™ Types

Some reflection prompts for the Types:

✨ If this is your Type, what resonates?

✨ If you want something in your life to change, what would be possible if you looked at it from a perspective 1-2 levels higher than you currently are? ✨ What energies do you recognize in others of this Type (or in general if you don't know others' Types)?

😞 Level 1: No one gets me. I’ve been shut down so many times I no longer believe I’m powerful. I disconnect from my intuition and hide who I am, and then I feel lonely and powerless to create what I want.

😡 Level 2: Other people are in my way. They will limit my power and stop me if given the chance, so I keep my intentions to myself, follow my muse, and do what I want no matter who gets hurt in the process.

🙂 Level 3: I’m learning to trust the message of my anger. I don’t like interrupting my creative flow to inform others of my actions, but I know it will help clear the way and bring powerful transformation in the long run.

🤗 Level 4: I’m excited to inform others about my inspired actions because I know they’re genuinely interested and want to help me shine. I use my power to initiate others into the work I know is right for them.

😁 Level 5: Each moment is an opportunity to practice staying in my creative flow while ensuring the right people are aware of my actions and intentions. When the timing is right, I share powerful inspirations that initiate others into their most aligned work.

😍 Level 6: I am not here to do the work of the world. I’m here to take inspired action in alignment with divine guidance and right timing, initiate others into powerful transformation, and then rest and restore my energy for the next round of creation.

😇 Level 7: I AM.


😞 Level 1: I’m burned out from doing unfulfilling work. When I try to think my way through other options, I just feel more confused. I don’t trust myself to make good decisions, and I’m too tired to explore alternatives.

😡 Level 2: I force myself to stick to the path I started with whether it feels right or not, or I jump from path to path looking for “the thing” that’s mine to do. I rely on logic and my mind, fighting to figure out the next step.

🙂 Level 3: I’m learning to trust the message of my frustration. When I want to quit immediately or force myself through it, I can reframe it as building momentum toward my next phase of learning and growth.

🤗 Level 4: I seek things to respond to that will benefit others. I practice, refine, and hone my skills so I can share my gifts with as many people as possible. I am here to build a better world for everyone.

😁 Level 5: I live in alignment with my inner truth. I trust myself to skillfully discern what opportunities are mine to respond to and what opportunities are better left for others. When I focus on my most fulfilling work in the world, I inspire others to do the same.

😍 Level 6: I dance with the universe in the flow of life. I’m deeply attuned to the wisdom of my body and soul. I trust that who I am is my gift to the world and that the next right step in my most powerful path will reveal itself at the perfect time.

😇 Level 7: I AM.


😞 Level 1: I judge myself for not finishing everything I start. I’m overwhelmed by all the creative ideas I have and don’t know what to focus on. My body builds up a lot of energy, but I’m too exhausted to manage it.

😡 Level 2: I feel stress in my body and pressure to bring all my projects to fruition. When I fight to bring my ideas into the world, I get labeled “too intense” or get told to stop multitasking. No one can keep up with me!

🙂 Level 3: I’m learning to trust the messages of my frustration and anger. As fast as I know I can go, I still need time to respond, practice my skills, discharge my energy effectively, and inform others as I create.

🤗 Level 4: I know I can serve others best when I feel clear and focused, so I take good care of my body and energy and focus on projects with the biggest impact. I help others see new ways to achieve their dreams.

😁 Level 5: When I’m aligned with my creative flow, the speed at which I create inspires others to reassess what’s possible in the world. The experience of time that I share catalyzes them to align with their own flow and create at their own natural speed.

😍 Level 6: My relationship with time revolutionizes what’s possible for humanity. I joyfully embrace the inspirations that I respond to and trust that I will know which are for engaging my energy and which are mine to bring fully alive in the world in perfect time.

😇 Level 7: I AM.


😞 Level 1: I’m burned out from trying so hard to be seen. No one recognizes the importance of what I know and what I have to share with the world. I don’t know who my people are, and I’m afraid I’ll never find them.

😡 Level 2: I don’t trust that I’ll be recognized or valued unless I take action. I push and force invitations. I don’t trust anyone else to do the work, so I try to do it all myself no matter how exhausted I am.

🙂 Level 3: I’m learning to trust the message of my bitterness. It reminds me to take responsibility for healing my self-worth, owning my value, and resting — even if resting feels lazy — so I’ll be ready for what’s next.

🤗 Level 4: Anchored in a strong foundation of self-care, I use my energy to see intuitively how others can direct their own energy and unleash their creative potential. I thrive on guiding them through each step.

😁 Level 5: I value myself enough to wait for the right opportunities at the right time before sharing what I know. When the people who value my wisdom invite me to share, they receive exactly what they need to do their own work in the world.

😍 Level 6: I am a powerful energetic resource for the world. I trust that aligned invitations to share my wisdom and leadership will present themselves when I am rested, sustainable, and honoring the value of who I am and the transformation I bring.

😇 Level 7: I AM.


😞 Level 1: I don’t know who I am. My energy is lost in the energy of everyone around me. When I open myself to the world, I’m overwhelmed by everything I feel. It’s easier to just withdraw and close myself off.

😡 Level 2: The world forces me to make decisions too quickly, and I’m constantly fighting for clarity on who I am and what I want. It’s obvious to me how others can fix their lives, but they won’t do what I tell them.

🙂 Level 3: I’m learning to trust the message of my disappointment. I forgive myself for the times I’ve rushed decisions due to external pressure. I forgive myself for attaching so deeply to the outcomes of others.

🤗 Level 4: I am genuinely in love with the potential of humanity and everyone around me. I have a caring heart and a nurturing soul, and I love helping those who are willing to do the work to heal.

😁 Level 5: When I own the power of who I am, my energy reflects to others where they are and where they could be. I inspire them to grow into greater alignment with who they really are, and I celebrate as they take ownership of their power and story.

😍 Level 6: I’m deeply attuned to the flow of my energy over time. I choose to be in places and with people who feel like home to me. I honor the full potential of humanity, mirror the current energetic state, and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly.

😇 Level 7: I AM.


Are you starting to get a feel for how the energy levels work? What's resonating most with you right now?

As you practice applying this 7-level framework to anything from energetic themes to a traffic jam, you'll take small, achievable steps that add up to a giant leap in your impact and fulfillment in every area of life.

Enjoy the journey!


If you want to stay in the loop as the sun moves through the gates, sign up for my email list below and/or follow me on social media!

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