What IS Energy Leadership™?

Have you ever been to the doctor and been asked to rate how you’re feeling on a scale from frowny face to smiley face?

Today I ask you, “How’s your energy, my friend?”


The journey from where you are to where you want to be starts with one small step: identifying where you are.

Where you might be right now is wondering what this Energy Leadership™ thing is that I talk about.

Before I share more about what it is, I want to share a story of what’s possible when you apply it to your life.

About a year and a half into my EL journey, I held my first non-government mindfulness workshop. I’d been teaching mindfulness in my Air Force Reserve job for a couple of years, with powerful results.

This time I offered my workshop at a wellness center. 3 people came. As I chatted with them before class, it quickly became clear to me that all of them had more mindfulness experience than I did.

What happened next surprised and delighted me.

An earlier version of me would have spiraled into imposter syndrome. “What on earth will I be able to ‘teach’ these people?!” I’d have tried to smile and carry on conversation, but the stress and anxiety would have been running in the background.

I might have stumbled through the workshop, nervous that at any moment someone would call me out for not knowing enough or not having enough experience.

That’s not what happened.

After an internal “eeek” that lasted a few seconds, the next thought I had was, “What’s the opportunity here?”

And I quickly found several:

✨ “It’s a small group, this will be like a conversation, a fireside chat, and that’s cool.”

✨ “I can learn something from THEM.”

✨ “My perspective is different, and maybe they’ll see something in a new way today.”

When I recognized this happening automatically, it was even more exciting than the workshop itself. IT’S WORKING, I shouted to myself, smiling and giggling internally.

“It” being EL. More specifically, the true mindset and heartset shifts that come from putting EL into practice.

That game-changing transformation is possible for you, too.

When you learn to recognize where you are energetically, allow your initial reaction to be what it is, and then choose how you want to show up next, anything is possible.

You CAN break old patterns and create new ones.

How did that mindfulness workshop go?

It went really well.

I trusted that I had as much right to be there as the others did.

We sat together around a table and had a conversational-style experience. We all learned from each other, and one of the participants has even become a dear friend of mine.

As a bonus, I discovered that I prefer working with people earlier in their spiritual awakening journey. People who don't necessarily have 10 years of meditation experience. People who feel like a full 60 seconds of silent meditation is the longest minute of their lives.

Is that you? It used to be me.

Change is possible.

Growth is possible.

Transformation is possible.

Enter Energy Leadership™

EL is a practical, 7-level framework for shifting your energy and perspective — and the action that follows — in any moment or situation.

😎 It’s like having 7 pairs of glasses that you can look through, and you get to choose which pair to use to inform your next step.

(Note: What I share here is my interpretation of the copyrighted work of Bruce D. Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). The "win-lose" spectrum that you'll see in the energy level graphics is directly quoted or in some cases paraphrased from Bruce’s work. The emoji scale and remaining interpretations are mine, integrating my specific lived experience of EL and general lived experience of life itself.)

Here's what life looks like through each pair of glasses:

While it might seem at first like the “goal” of EL is to race up the scale to hang out at Level 7, the true goal is to grow in awareness.

Awareness of how you show up.

Awareness of the beliefs you hold.

Awareness of how those beliefs are working for you, and what you’re creating with them.

If you want to create something different, from awareness you can step into conscious choice.

The EL framework takes off the blinders you might not even realize you’ve been wearing so you can see more choices in any moment.

Where before you might only have had 1 or 2 pairs of glasses, now you have 7.


This is not a graded exercise. It's not about "reaching” a certain level and proclaiming yourself enlightened.

This is the journey of a lifetime, and that journey is made from taking one small step after another. 👣

"Sounds awesome," you say. And how do we make this more tangible?

Here’s an example of what it looks like to apply EL to everyday life:

Let’s pretend that you're driving home in traffic after a long day of work, and someone speeds past you and cuts you off.

Here's how you might respond at each level:

😞 Level 1: "Sigh. This always happens to me."

Sees life as happening TO them, defaults to "woe is me."

😡 Level 2: "That MF-er! What a jerk!"

Sees life as a constant fight, defaults to conflict and blame.

🙂 Level 3: "Whew! At least I didn't get in an accident."

Rationalizes to feel better and release stress.

🤗 Level 4: "Maybe they're rushing to the hospital, I hope they're ok!"

Focuses first on the wellbeing of others.

😁 Level 5: "That's interesting, what can I do with this situation? What's the opportunity here?"

Easily identifies ways to move forward powerfully. Loves turning inspiration into aligned action.

⏸️ Let's pause for a moment.

Levels 6 and 7 can be a bit esoteric, especially if you're not very familiar with how they feel. You've probably experienced moments at these levels. When you get really grounded in Levels 1-5, Levels 6 and 7 start to open up naturally.

Back to our traffic example:

😍 Level 6: "I'm a radiant being dancing with every aspect of this human experience. This is part of the flow of life!"

Embodies a deep sense of inner peace no matter what happens. Still experiences turmoil, challenge, and the range of human emotions, but meets them with a permanent underlying joy for the experience of life.

(This is sometimes mistaken for resignation and "it is what it is" energy — can you guess which level that is? — but it's really genuine enthusiasm and excitement.)

😇 Level 7: "I am pure consciousness. This traffic is not even real."

While we could explore the nature of consciousness and reality forever, the practical skill here is cultivating your ability to tap into this energy at any time.

It's cultivating your connection with the cosmic intelligence that IS you and is always available.

It's also the power to consciously access all other levels. To choose with effortless flow how to show up in each moment.

Way cool, right?

Pause and celebrate! 🎉 You've learned what Energy Leadership™ IS.

(I mean it: pause. Take a breath in. Let it out.)

Did you do it?


Now what?

👣 Remember that the journey from where you are to where you want to be starts with one small step: identifying where you are.

Are you thinking, “duh, Melissa, and I already know where I am!”

I get it. It sounds so obvious that it shouldn't need saying.

Consider this:

✨ Have you ever tried to say no at work, to a parent, to a partner, to a child, to a friend, only to give in to the guilt trip and sense of obligation, or to the promise of reward for going the extra mile?

✨ Have you ever tried to be extra patient with someone and then ended up in the same old argument with them?

✨ Have you ever decided once and for all to put yourself out there in your business, only to procrastinate, take another class, and go back to hiding, AGAIN?

✨ Have you ever tried to love yourself more, but noticed that you still berate yourself for the slightest perceived “mistake” or “imperfection”?

If you said yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone.

When you try to change your behavior (where you THINK you are) without changing your underlying beliefs or the energy behind your intentions (where you ACTUALLY are), it’s easy to end up repeating the same old patterns.

💥 You are fully capable of creating new patterns. 💥

Ready to learn how?

I invite you to join me in ONE SMALL STEP, a 2-hour group workshop to help you identify where you are energetically so you can break old patterns and create new ones.

Together with other awesome humans, you’ll reclaim the power you didn’t realize you were giving away.

You’ll leave this workshop with head and heart held high, stepping confidently and courageously into your EPIC LIFE.

The EPIC LIFE that’s been waiting for you.

The EPIC LIFE you were born to live.

Ready to blow the roof off what you thought was possible?

Learn more and register here!

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