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Quantum Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science.

I like to call it the "unified theory of everything."

This profound self-awareness tool will help you explore your unique energy blueprint, identify your key decision-making strategies, and see where you might unconsciously be holding yourself back.

You'll remember and fall in love with who you really are. You'll also learn to understand others in a new way. 

When you augment Quantum Human Design™ with the Quantum Alignment System™, you'll clear stuck energy, reprogram your nervous system, and allow the highest expression of YOU to shine through.
Follow these 7 steps to start or continue your Quantum Human Design journey:

Step 1) Download your
free Quantum Human Design Chart

Step 2) Watch this Quantum Human Design Chart Orientation video I created for you

The first time you see a chart it can make your head spin. This video walks you through the terminology and elements in the chart so you know what you're looking at. This is not an interpretation of your chart. Once you know what the parts and pieces are, you'll be better prepared to understand the integrated meanings.

If this video feels overwhelming, skip to Step 3. You can always come back to it!
Want a copy of the slides from the video? Grab them here!
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Step 3) Take this free Quantum Human Design™ Basics course from Karen Curry Parker, my mentor and the creator of QHD and QAS (includes video trainings and eBooks to build your foundation)

Step 4) Browse Karen Curry Parker's
extensive course library to learn more at your own pace

Step 5) Join the
Understanding Human Design Community to receive support as you explore your chart

Step 6) If you want to dive deep with me into the true story of who you really are, I integrate
Quantum Human Designand the Quantum Alignment System™ into my 1:1 and group programs. Visit the
Work With Me page to learn more!

Step 7) Live, learn, experiment, explore, and above all, have fun reconnecting with YOU!!
Interested in getting certified yourself and sharing this powerful awareness with others?

Learn more here:

Quantum Human Design™ © Karen Curry Parker. All Rights Reserved.

As a Quantum Alignment System affiliate, I may receive compensation for referrals made through the links on this page.

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