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What to Do When the World Knocks You Off Balance

Do you ever get derailed by the state of the world? It happens to me, too.

The popular narrative in today’s world would pit us against each other and have us believe the world is going to hell in a handbasket. It can be hard to maintain your peace and hear the voice of your inner truth when the noise of the news cycle blares out chaos and fear 24/7. In a system that finds it “unprofitable” for you to know how inherently powerful you are, the greatest act of rebellion is to REMEMBER. Remember who you really are. Remember why you’re really here. It breaks my heart that there are so many people in this world who are disconnected from their purpose, power, and light. When the world I envision seems impossibly far away, I let myself cry and vent. I let myself feel the feelings… grief, fear, anger, frustration, anguish. I let those feelings process through my body. And then I let those feelings refuel my commitment to my work in the world. I remember what I learned from watching a total solar eclipse: after a period of darkness, the tiniest sliver of sun instantaneously returns the world to daylight.

🌟 A tiny sliver of light is enough to transform the darkness. 🌟

I have faith in that tiny sliver of light. I say a little prayer to the universe, a gift from one of my own coaches: “Source, please remove my fear and doubt, and redirect my attention to what you would have me be.” And I recommit to shining my light in the world. May this inspire you to do the same. 🌟

If you’d like help restoring your peace, below are some of my own personal peace practices and go-to resources (not all-inclusive) to jumpstart your process.

You don’t have to use mine. Find something that works for you and build on it. Develop your own repeatable and reliable way home to your true self in any situation. Practice even when you feel peaceful, so you’ll be prepared when the noise of the world sneaks (or crashes) back in.

  • My #1: Going outside barefoot and connecting with the earth 👣

  • Connecting with who I am, why I'm here, my personal mission, vision, values, and my unique magic

  • Journaling, creating, hiking, walking, running, listening to inspiring music (some favorites below), dancing/moving to said music, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, a.k.a. "tapping")

  • Incredible breadth and depth of nervous system regulation resources so you can “become your own medicine”:

  • Inspirational Remembering: The Earth Story, an uplifting tale of your original light, from my Quantum Human Design™ mentor, Karen Curry Parker

  • A song to stoke your courage: The Impossible Dream from the musical Man of La Mancha, sung by Brian Stokes Mitchell

  • A song to restore your faith: Where My Heart Will Take Me by Russell Watson (theme song from Star Trek: Enterprise, and my own personal theme song 💗)

“Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.”

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